CCTV Cameras


We are a professional company with the resources to meet the commitments given in this company  profile. Paklink Provides best CCTV Cameras Installations in Dubai. We custom build your CCTV Systems to specifications whether in Retail, Industrial, and Financial Sectors etc. PAKLINK can also interface your fire alarm system; special hazards fire protection systems and fire sprinkler systems into one interconnected network. This eliminated conflicting equipment and brings information into a single point to ensure maximum control.


 Total digital video and audio recording system that provides continuous CCTV recording, archiving and debriefing capabilities that meets the needs of today’s demanding security environment. The complete solution for high-level security. Alternatively, the stand-alone CCTV systems, which provides visual display of specific areas of plants/house  or buildings.


CCTV Surveillance Systems Since it’s inception, paklink services has successfully installed CCTV Systems across all domestic/commercial  and types of environments. These include Industrial Factories + Offices, Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, Office Blocks, shopping Centres, etc.


 PAKLINK  typically performs the following in-house design:

  • Equipment Layouts
  • Block Diagrams,Shop Diagrams.
  • Conduit and Wireway Layouts
  • Piping single line Diagrams.
  • System Diagrams
  • Wireing Schematics