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Automatic Irrigation system Dubai

automatic irrigation system

Automatic Irrigation System in Dubai

For the area with both residential and commercial irrigation sprinkler installation, service, and repair in Dubai . We repair Irrigation Pumps, maintenance of Irrigation pumps, installations of irrigation pumps on solar panels in Dubai .

Automatic Irrigation control system to monitor your irrigation system on your smarts phones. No matter you are away from your home you can monitor your irrigation system is running and watering smoothly. Upon a fault accruing on your irrigation system you will get an intimation to rectify it before drying your plants.

Yearly Contracts: Yearly Irrigation AMC contracts are an excellent way to give our customers peace of mind. With a annual maintenance contract of irrigation system, we come out one in the spring to start the system up and ensure everything is functioning properly. And we also come out in the fall to winterize the system.

Sprinkler Repairs: We offer timely service of irrigation sprinkler repair, maintenance at an affordable rate.

Sprinkler Installation: We get the job done right, and offer a one year warranty on parts on irrigation sprinkler installations. Give us a call today to install your home irrigation system set up or arrange a meeting to learn more about our irrigation systems and get a free estimate.

Solenoid Vales Installation: Solenoid valves are Controlling different zones of irrigation Pump control system, they are operating on 24 volts Dc Supply through Digital Electronic Controller.

Once Solenoid valves stop working it will not allow water to irrigate plants, and irrigation system need to be repair.

We make sure Solenoid vales are installed according to wet area wiring rules and connections are made secure and watertight.

Irrigation Controller


Call us today to make your irrigation system accessible from your smartphone & tablet

The new Rain Bird LNK WIFI Module allows easy access & control of the rain bird and hunter irrigation system from anywhere in the world with the link Wi-Fi module and rain bird free WIFI apps. The user gets access to off-site management real-time alert and advances watering system management for his home irrigation system their smartphone & tablet. If you have ESP-ME you can upgrade installing an additional WIFI Module.

Also by adding rain sensors and using predictive water schedule home.