Home Automation Electrical Services Dubai

Home Automation Electrical Services

Smart homes can save energy, protect your family, and give you a peace of mind whether you are in your living room, or vacationing abroad. Smart home designs are integrating new technologies into all aspects of home living. From security cameras to home cooling and heating, you can now control your home’s systems from anywhere.Our Electrical Services offers custom electrical design and services to turn your house into a fully automated smart-home

Control Your Home

HVAC Systems – Control the temperature of your home from anywhere. You can turn the AC on before you return from vacation or kick up the heat before you get out of bed. Being able to control your HVAC system from your phone allows you to not only live more comfortably, but to save money and energy with more precise control of the temperature of your home.

Security Systems – Smart home technology allows you to see who is at your front door from your portable devices. You can be alerted when the UPS driver drops off a package at your front step, or alerted in the event of an emergency.

Lights – You can now have fully automated lights that can be controlled remotely. You can control which lights are on in your home and set timers for lights to come on as the sun sets. Turning lights on and off while you are away from your home could help to stop a home invasion. Forgot to turn off the kitchen lights before leaving for work? You can now turn them off from the office.

Irrigation – Home office irrigation system can be controlled by smart home application. Our smart home irrigation System allow user to monitor 24 hour irrigation pump status and allow to turn on off form smart phone form any where in the world. Our smart home irrigation is very useful in the event of rainy season where irrigation controller are set at a specific time to come irrigation system on /off and easy to control in the season of rainy days.