Trace heating cables

Self Regulating heating cables.

After its inception in 1971, Self-regulating heat trace cables have become mainstream in the prospect of heat tracing cables used around the globe. Our experts here at Pak Link Services have selected the best cables for you, both in terms of functionalities and designs. With the flexibility that is easily stretchable to being heat resistant in complex piping areas, we have it all!

Pak Link services are one of the most sought-out self-regulating heat trace cables providers in the Middle East and Central Africa. We are considered as one of the top providers of heat tracing technology that are superior to other products presently available in this domain.

self regulating heating cables have a variety of uses in high rise buildings. From ensuring hot water temperature and Kitchen grease Pipes.

Moreover, they are also exceptional in heating pipes in cold stores, fire fire fighting pipe temperature maintenance, floor heating and other industrial heating applications.

Functionalities of Self regulating heating cables.

The self-regulating cables from Pak Link Services have a tinned copper braid, coupled with a polyolefin external jacket that provides grounding and added mechanical protection. We also have a fluoropolymer jacket available, if you want environmental protection in your arsenal.

On top of that, our heat tracing cables operate under the necessary ISO standard for high-quality results. So, if you want a trustworthy provider of heat tracing cables, then Pak Link Services are here for you?

Simple to Design Trace heat system.

Our experts here at Pak Link Services do not work according to the magnitude of the project. All projects are large-scale for us! Nonetheless, our heat tracing cables are not only easy to design, but we also provide a step-to-step guide that can help you determine the heating requirements

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