Capacitor Bank Maintenance

Capacitor Bank Maintenance

We are specialized in Capacitor Bank Maintenance in Dubai, UAE.

What is Capacitor bank?

Capacitors bank were used to isolate H.V, L.V Line in substations.

Today capacitors banks are used in Building Electrical Room to maintain power factor at 0.90 Lag. All capacitors store energy and discharge upon receiving signal form power factor controller.

In building PF Control panels capacitors are used in group to maintain power factor at a set value. Connection can be arrange in series and parallel depending on the applications.

Building utilizes consumes lot of power by switching HVAC, Motors and Lighting Loads. By using Capacitor bank a good power factor can be maintain and can avoided from Low power factor.

Power factor Controllers are set at a range of usually 0.90 lag. Once power factor drop to set value controller activate relevant group capacitors contactor to restore energy in the system and thus an electrical network power factor keep maintaining at desire value.

Capacitor bank consist groups of capacitor, Magnetic contactor,

PF Controller, GI Enclosure, Indications Lights, Bus bar and Control System Wiring.

According to building contractor design and Load requirements.Switch gear manufacturer companies assemble power factor panel

For any power factor panel maintenance we can advise our customers with best maintenance solution.

For Capacitor bank maintenance or repair, Feel Free to Contact us for more details.

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