Building Automation

What is Building Automation, and How Does it Benefit You?

In today’s time, automation is not a fancy word anymore. We are surrounded by plenty of automatic devices, and life is nearly impossible to live without them. We are so used to automation in every aspect of our life because technology has made everything easier and better over time. Science facilitates us in various areas of our lives, but the significant improvement in lifestyle that it has brought us takes the cake.

Another blessing technology has bestowed upon us after smart homes are building automation. The owners of commercial automated buildings understand the peace and comfort that automation brings. An effective management system of any building is your road to success. Hence, it is vital to simplify management tasks by building automation. Here is a complete guideline about building automation that you must know about as a building owner.

What is Building Automation?

A building automation system, also known as BAS, is a network designed to connect and automate the functions of a building. With the centralised control of all the functions of a building, from security to water, HVAC and lighting to plumbing, a single network will look after all the aspects of a building. The other interesting benefit is that this beneficial system is not only for small buildings but can be used on commercial properties with multiple buildings. Everything is managed through a single interface; isn’t that amazing? Keep reading to find more ‘too good to be true’ benefits.

Benefits of Building Automation

Building Automation

Building automation has several benefits. If you are thinking of getting your building automated, you must consider the following benefits and design the infrastructure of your installation accordingly.

Significant Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Building maintenance costs are one of the major expenses the business has to bear. Frequent building repairs and maintenance can not only irritate you but the people in the building as well. Commercial buildings can result in more loss, which can impact the goodwill of your business as a building owner.

Building automation saves you from this trouble by reducing wear and tear on a building’s energy infrastructure, ultimately reducing maintenance costs. From controlling and monitoring the building, the BAS also keeps a check on its performance and rectifies if there is any mal-functionality found. It is better to know about the trouble before any emergency repair comes up as emergency repairs cost more.

Simple Building Operations

Building operations can be hectic. Even the daily operational tasks can take a lot of time. A human mind can forget things, which is why an automated building is a good option. It also makes it easier for the overall management as the system is remote and can be controlled and adjusted from any device with a stable internet connection.

Improved Level of Comforts

It doesn’t matter if your building is residential, commercial or industrial; the comfort of the occupants must be a priority. Although it cannot be measured in numbers, it should be considered as it can highly impact the impression of your building.

One of the benefits that can result in the ultimate comfort of your business is having an automated HVAC System. You can easily regulate the temperate before the arrival and after the departure of the people. Mostly the weather in Dubai is hot and humid; that’s when the humid sensors may come in handy and control summer dehumidification and winter humidification of the air.

A Smart Way to Increase Property Value

Way to Increase Property Value

an automated building has more value than a manual building. Apart from that, your net income can increase as you’ll cut out on major expenses like utility costs, ultimately boosting your profits and increasing the worth of your building.

Efficient Use of Energy

Energy saving is not only light on pockets for you but also has a great impact on the environment. Building automation helps in energy saving with the help of technology. The distinct features include controlling water through motion sensors.

Long Life of Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances are expensive, and no business can afford frequent repairs and damages. Building automation ensures the long life of equipment as the big data will help identify the machinery’s performance levels. As a result, the electrical appliance will notify you what is causing a lack in the inefficiency of the machinery. An increased life can be witnessed when the notifications are taken into account and action is taken for the betterment of the machine.

Increased Security

Improved security is the right of every building and every occupant. BAS will ensure the security of your building as it can connect to your security alarms in case of any issue like plumbing default, fire or electric hazard, etc.; the door locking facility from ay place, just like smart homes, is also available in building automation system.


With the number of benefits, building automation leaves no room for confusion in making decisions. When the technology has allowed us to avail, through which you can make your business more effective, then why think? If you still have any queries in mind, you can always reach out to your nearest BAS consultant.

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